Corona vaccine
Corona vaccine

When Pfizer and Biontec announced the specifications of the vaccine they had developed against the Corona virus, health experts alerted a "troublesome" obstacle that would impede its access to many countries, especially developing countries, and the reason is that preserving it requires a low degree of heat, but the two companies On Wednesday, they announced the "solution."


The two companies reassured, explaining in a statement, Wednesday, that they had developed shipping boxes for the Corona vaccine, in order to ensure that the doses were transported in a "safe and sound" manner.

The two companies explained that these boxes were specially designed to control temperature and ensure the safety of storage conditions.

Concerns were raised about the transfer and preservation of the Pfizer vaccine, because it needs to remain at a temperature of about 75 degrees Celsius below zero, which is very low temperatures that are difficult to guarantee in some circumstances and countries.

This reassurance comes as the two companies said that the Regulatory Agency for Medicines and Health Care Products in Britain granted a temporary license to use the vaccine.

This is the first license for urgent use of the "Pfizer" and "Biontech" vaccine after the completion of the third phase of clinical trials.

The two companies expect to obtain more licenses from around the world in the coming days and weeks, and have announced their full readiness to provide vaccine doses after obtaining licenses and possible regulatory approvals.