school year
school year

Private schools in Abu Dhabi (British curriculum) have informed their students that their studies will be suspended for a week, starting from next Sunday (October 18) until Thursday (October 22), due to the start of the first semester mid-term vacation, while the families of students called to reduce or freeze vacations. During the current academic year, to achieve the minimum required school days in the academic year, and to finish the school year early, given the conditions of the "Covid-19" health pandemic.

In detail, relatives of students in private schools: Muhammad Amin, Ahmed Al-Sayed, Walaa Mansour and Lubna Hassan, confirmed that the current school year is exceptional, and that it is better to continue studying to end it early, calling for a reconsideration of the repeated vacations this year, especially since most school days In the first semester it is done remotely, and instead of being stopped, the end of the school year can be brought forward.

And they called on school administrations to reschedule the regular annual calendar, because there was no actual need for their children to take leave during the current period.

They explained that studying is the only thing capable of employing their children, in the absence of an actual opportunity to travel or take a walk during this period, pointing out the possibility that vacations could cause boredom among them.

The teachers said: Farida Seif, Mason Wahid and Anji Muhammad, that the mid-term vacation is important for more than one reason, as it represents an opportunity to evaluate what has been studied during the last period, and to develop plans to motivate students who need additional support, and it gives the students' families an opportunity to stand At the school levels of their children, it represents an opportunity to rest and renew physical and mental activity for students.

According to the school calendar, the minimum must be no less than 175 academic days in one school year.

For its part, the Department of Education and Knowledge confirmed that schools are obligated to submit the annual school calendar to obtain the department's approval within the specified period, and to inform school staff, students and parents of the annual calendar.

The school director can discuss the school calendar with the school’s board of trustees, provided that each school submits its calendar eight months before the start of the school year to obtain its approval.

In the Private Schools Policies Manual, the department emphasized the necessity for schools to adhere to the decisions issued by it regarding the school calendar, as the calendar must include official holidays (Islamic holidays, the National Day of the State, school holidays, and school holidays).

Schools are obligated to standardize academic holidays according to the periods of leave stipulated in the Cabinet Resolution, in addition to the necessity that the calendar include dates for final exams, and extra-curricular activities in which individuals from outside the school participate or are practiced during holidays and rest days, or are practiced outside the school.