Paid parking in Abu Dhabi
Paid parking in Abu Dhabi

Important notice to all residents of Abu Dhabi, as public parking fees in Abu Dhabi will resume today, Wednesday, 1 July from 8 am.


Paid parking spaces in the emirate are resuming after a three-month suspension period to help community members during the difficult times of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Integrated Transport Center (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi provides a parking service that allows users to pay parking fees using their mobile phones.

We encourage the public to use electronic payment methods, such as by applying the trail or by sending an SMS to 3009 from Etisalat or Du numbers using the following format: Space (city code and plate category) Space (plate number) (standard or parking spot) Premium (Duration in Hours) SMS charges are charged according to the service providers tariff.

Parking fees can also be paid in cash or with rechargeable cards. ITC indicated that all payment devices are safe to use as they are sterilized daily to ensure the safety of the public. This was done in part of the national sterilization program, which included sterilization of all public transportation and related facilities.

Parking times are from 8 in the morning until 12 in the afternoon from Saturday to Thursday. Parking places are classified as premium parking (blue and white colors) at a rate of 3 dirhams per hour with a maximum stay of four hours and standard parking (blue and black colors) at a price of 2 dirhams per hour or 15 dirhams per day.

No parking fees are charged on Fridays and public holidays for people with determination.

Parking spaces near mosques are exempt from parking fees for 45 minutes of call to prayer.