Free flights for return expatriates
Free flights for return expatriates

A special trip was organized for the return of more than 180 expatriates from the Emirates to their home countries on a free trip from Ras Al Khaimah to Kozhikode.

Today more than 180 indigent Kiraly expats will travel home for free today thanks to a generous initiative by Jamia Markaz, an Islamic organization based in the state of South India.

The office's carriers at the center said that the charter flight to Kozhikode will take off from Ras Al-Khaimah at 2.30 pm.

The initiative is based on special instructions from the Grand Mufti of India Sheikh Abu Bakr Ahmed, who is also Jamia Marquis' advisor.

Dr. said. Abdul Salam Skafi, Director of Public Relations:

 "We wanted to give a helping hand to Indian diaspora affected by the coronavirus. There are many people who cannot afford to return home tickets. Therefore, we decided to rent a full trip for free."

"We have received more than a thousand requests and each of them has been carefully examined to ensure that only eligible people get seats. There are pregnant women and residents who have lost jobs, tense families and sick people on board," he added.

The center has already organized 10 charter flights to various parts of India including Cochin, Kanwar, Calicut and Delhi. Munir Mohiuddin, director of media and communications, said he also offered more than 156 free tickets for the afflicted arrivals.

"We have plans to organize charter flights to Hyderabad and Chennai as well, but the idea of ​​organizing a fully sponsored trip blew us up because of the great demand," said Mohieldin.