deadline for UAE visa holders
deadline for UAE visa holders

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship announced on Monday that tourists in the UAE whose visas expired after 1 March have been granted one month to leave the country or change the visa status to avoid fines.


Brigadier General Khamis Al-Kaabi, a spokesman for the agency, said in a television interview that the month-long window started on July 12.

This decision will be followed by the recent UAE cabinet decision that canceled all previously issued decisions regarding residence of expatriates, validity of visas, entry permits and ID cards.

The automatic extension of expired visas and ID cards was withdrawn until December this year.

Brigadier Al-Kaabi confirmed that residents and citizens within the country are given 90 days to renew their documents. Merchants from outside the country will be given a month to renew, the grace period begins from the date they arrive in the UAE.