No expatriates in the residential area
No expatriates in the residential area

The Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Housing Affairs Dr. Rana Al-Faris embarked on the implementation of a 3-stage plan for ironing expatriate jobs in the Public Authority for Housing Welfare, ending on the first of April next year, provided that the institution becomes free from non-Kuwaiti employees on the first of July 2021 .

Under the direction of Al-Faris, Al-Sakaniya has informed more than 135 expatriate employees to dispense with their services, provided that termination procedures start on the first of July and the citizens are replaced in their job grades.

Al-Faris said in her book to the Foundation’s Director General, entitled: “The Foundation’s Business Development Plan, through Kuwaitisation and the Empowerment of National Cadres”, that it is in line with the government’s approach to job creation, a number of relevant decisions have been issued by the Civil Service Bureau, especially with the implementation of a replacement policy National Elements.

She added that the decisions in principle came in line with the constitutional directive regarding the controls of assuming public positions, which explicitly stipulated that they be restricted in terms of origin to Kuwaiti citizens, while the exception to the permissibility of foreigners to take over these jobs is an exception that cannot be expanded, in compliance with the concept of legality, Whereas, Article (26) of the constitution stipulates that “public jobs are a national service entrusted to those in charge of them, and state employees in the performance of their jobs are targeting the public interest, and foreigners shall not be given public positions except in cases specified by law.”

She added that the stages of the Kuwaitization plan start by ending the contracts of the non-Kuwaitis employees of the institution, as the total number of employees appointed in the institution from the expatriates is 398 employees, and therefore the first stage begins with the termination of contracts of 33 percent of non-Kuwaitis, provided that the warning period begins in The first of next July, followed by the second stage by ending the services of 33 percent of non-Kuwaitis, the warning period begins on the first of November, followed by the third and final stage by ending the services of the rest of the non-Kuwaiti employees, provided that the warning period for them begins on the first of April 2021.

Al-Faris indicated that the following Kuwaitization plan should be taken into account: taking the necessary legal measures to terminate the contracts of non-Kuwaiti employees whose names appear in the first phase list, provided that a decision to end their services be issued no later than 15 June 2020, and provide us with lists of names of non-Kuwaiti employees, in preparation for taking Legal procedures necessary to terminate their services, in order to activate the second and third stages, no later than two weeks from its date.

The following categories are excluded from the plan, the non-Kuwaiti employee of a Kuwaiti mother, the employees who are not nationals, permanently residing in the State of Kuwait, provided that they are registered with the Central Agency to handle the situation of illegal residents, and the service personnel (driver and handling services).

 The most prominent jobs held by expired employees:

• Legal

• Administrators and executives

• Engineers, assistant engineers, and engineering drawing supervisors

• Air conditioning, electricity and maintenance technicians

• Service, building and space technicians

• Store, media, laboratory and accounting personnel


• Reporters


• Freshons

• guards