detention of Egyptians in Ethiopia
detention of Egyptians in Ethiopia

One of the Egyptians detained in Ethiopia revealed the details of their detention at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, and their stay at the airport for a period before the Egyptian consul intervened in Ethiopia. ...

And the Ethiopian authorities detained a number of Egyptians at Bole International Airport as they entered the airport before heading to Kuwait.
Fathi Azzam, one of the Egyptians detained in Ethiopia, said that they came to Addis Ababa on a “transit” trip during their travel to Kuwait, noting that their large number caused a crisis for the Ethiopian authorities, as they told us that it was the first time that so many Egyptians visited Ethiopia.
He added, "They expected that the travel visas were forged at the beginning, or this is what they told us at least, and the Ethiopian authorities did not know at the time the purpose of the visit."
The Egyptian embassy in Addis Ababa stated, in a statement, that the Egyptian citizens detained at the Ethiopian airport, went to Addis Ababa for the purpose of staying for 14 days in Ethiopia, and then heading to the State of Kuwait, not for tourism, according to the visas they obtained from Cairo.
Azzam confirmed that the Ethiopian authorities informed them that they were not wanted by security because of the current crisis between Egypt and Ethiopia over the Renaissance Dam, saying, “We were treated in an inappropriate way before the Egyptian embassy in Addis Ababa intervened, and we were detained and treated in an inappropriate way at the beginning, and they took away our phones. ".
And the Egyptian embassy in Addis Ababa announced, in a statement on "Facebook" that a diplomatic and administrative staff that includes the Egyptian consul and the first secretary of the embassy moved to Bole International Airport, to communicate with the Egyptian citizens at the airport.
While Azzam confirmed that the treatment changed after Egyptian diplomatic intervention, and clarification of the matter and the purpose of the visit.