MP Ahmed Al-Fadl
MP Ahmed Al-Fadl

MP Ahmed Al-Fadl criticized the government's recent decisions regarding health issues, and Al-Fadl said, "We congratulate the government for burning its last balance of popularity in the street after the strange decisions it issued yesterday, which are not worthy of a country in the jungles of Africa."


Al-Fadl added in a press statement, "This blessing is that the government issues funny decisions of this kind regarding the quasi-ban in which we have been placed, not to mention that we are in a country that is the most experienced country in the world in implementing the ban, yet it is clear that there is no benefit from the experience."

Al-Fadl asked: “Is it conceivable that someone who wants to order a shawarma or juice restaurant takes an appointment? How do you put such decisions? Why this sudden intimidation?, Especially since the rate of injuries and deaths is proceeding according to the rate, and the percentage of those in intensive care is less than expected.

Al-Fadl continued his questions: “Why is this intimidation and our entry into this tunnel? We want people to return to their work, and unfortunately you do not want that people be destroyed. ”

Al-Fadl added. We want to know the number of swabs that take place in order to compare, and is there an accurate scientific survey or is it random? However, even the number of deaths is less than every month in any year, despite the status of some of the deceased, may God have mercy on them, that their death was due to Corona while they were not infected with Corona.

Al-Fadl indicated that the Ministry of Health is citing the directives of the World Health Organization, and now it says that it is not permissible to wear masks except for sick persons and their dependents or people who work in cleaning in hospitals.