Motorists drift in their sports cars
Motorists drift in their sports cars

The men were in their sports cars when the downpour triggered a flood and four Emirati drivers nearly drowned in a valley in Sharjah when their cars were swept away by a flood on Monday afternoon.


The men were in their SUVs when torrential rain caused a flood that caused their cars to float in Wadi Shees in Khorfakkan.

In a video clip that went viral on social media, drivers were seen jumping from their cars into the flood waters as they were able to quickly escape from their cars as the water started to enter.

Khalifa al-Dahmani, one of the survivors, said that after getting out of their cars, the strong current dragged them away and nearly drowned them, according to the report.

The 27-year-old thanked Sharjah Police for their help in getting their cars out of the valley.