More than 300 Pakistanis suspended
More than 300 Pakistanis suspended

The General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai confirmed that travelers were prevented from entering Dubai International Airport due to their non-compliance with entry requirements for tourist visa holders.


More than 300 Pakistanis with visitor visas were left stranded at Dubai International Airport on Wednesday.

She explained that the passengers from Pakistan do not have a valid hotel reservation or a nearby reference, and they did not have a return ticket reservation, as required by the immigration rules in the United Arab Emirates.

The authority also said that the vast majority of passengers who comply with visa rules do not face any delays upon arrival at Dubai International Airport.

The Pakistani consulate in Dubai said 304 passengers landed in Dubai on Tuesday on flights operated by Pakistan International Airlines and flydubai.

Jian Chand, deputy consul general at the consulate, said diplomatic officials visited the airport to solve the problem. The passengers had traveled from Lahore.

Shahid Mughal, the regional director of the United Arab Emirates at Pakistan International Airlines, said the passengers were mostly blue-collar workers. "Passengers who have (the required funds) will be able to enter the country or their public relations offices can arrange their entry. The rest of the passengers will be returned to Pakistan," he added.

He said Pakistan Airlines will circulate travel requirements across all its offices to inform visitors. Travel agents said they are starting to inform their clients of the requirements, too.