Modern devices in patrols to monitor car shades
Modern devices in patrols to monitor car shades

The head of the Public Relations and Traffic Awareness Department at the General Traffic Department, Colonel Nawaf Al-Hayyan, confirmed the increase in the percentage of transparent shading in the windows of vehicles from 30 to 70 percent, but with certain conditions, explaining that this decision was approved by a technical committee in the administration and will be applied after its publication in the newspaper Official. ...


Al-Hayyan said that there is a misunderstanding among drivers of vehicles regarding the shading decision, indicating that there is a difference between shading glass and transparency, pointing out that the American standard for shading is related to the transparency of the glass, and this is what has been applied recently in Kuwait.

He explained that the increase in the percentage of shading came based on the desire of many vehicle drivers, to protect them and protect them from the sun's rays, especially some patients who are affected by it, stressing that the decision was based on a study by a technical committee formed under the leadership of the Undersecretary of the Traffic and Operations Sector, and with the participation of the Technical Inspection,

Legal and Technical Affairs Department By pass, which issued its technical opinion to allow this percentage to be raised.

Al-Hayyan added that the majority of vehicles imported from abroad have a varying permissible shading percentage, ranging from 4 to 30 percent, with a maximum of from the factory, and all vehicles around the world have a shading percentage, but most American cars have a high shading percentage.