Continuation of cleaning of rainwater drainage holes
Continuation of cleaning of rainwater drainage holes

Eng. Shawqi Jumah Mandil, Director of the Sanitation Operation and Maintenance Department at the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning, stated that the Ministry has continued to implement a periodic maintenance program to clean rainwater drainage holes in all governorates of the Kingdom, which number approximately 420,000 holes, in addition to maintaining 92 pumping stations for water.

Rain is distributed all over the Kingdom, and these actions come from the ministry's responsibility in maintaining the infrastructure and the sustainability of sanitation services.

The Director of the Drainage Operation and Maintenance Department stated that the periodic maintenance program throughout the year aims to ensure the readiness of the sewage and rainwater networks before the rainy season and follow-up during and after the season and maintain them, indicating that their rehabilitation includes cleaning and emptying the collection tanks and absorptive tanks before the rainy season to ensure Some of these tanks are cleaned due to their filling of surface water that usually results from washing homes and cars, and the rainwater drainage network is cleaned by high-pressure tanks, and rainwater pumping stations are maintained.

Eng. Shawky Mandeel pointed out that the rainwater drainage rooms are affected throughout the year by the accumulation of dust, agricultural waste and various types of general waste such as papers and plastic bags, which limits their effectiveness in drainage of water in times of need, which calls for periodic re-cleaning and maintenance of these facilities, indicating that the work Which is carried out to clean the rainwater network includes cleaning storm water drainage holes in streets and roads, inspection boxes and water estuaries leading to the sea, open water drainage channels, open channels and storage tanks.

The Director of Sewerage Operation and Maintenance Department emphasized that the Ministry pays great attention to the maintenance of sanitation facilities and rain drains, considering that maintaining these important national investments is a national duty that falls within its responsibilities to serve all citizens and residents, and out of the ministry’s keenness to reduce any damages that may arise with The start of the winter season and the expectation of rain, and the Ministry, seeking not to cause inconvenience to citizens and residents, is organizing working hours on the main streets in the evening periods in order not to disrupt traffic.

The Ministry invites citizens and residents to report any rainwater drainage openings that require cleaning operations through the national complaints system, "Tawasul", within the framework of community partnership in the interest of all.