Application of the labor ban begins at mid day tomorrow
Application of the labor ban begins at mid day tomorrow

Begins tomorrow, Wednesday, the first of July, the implementation of Resolution No. (3) of 2013 regarding the prohibition of work at noon in open places during the period between 12 noon until four o'clock in the months of July and August, which comes in the framework of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s keenness to Protection of workers from occupational diseases and injuries, especially during the summer period, which is witnessed by high temperatures and high humidity.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development has completed its preparations to supervise the implementation of the aforementioned decision, as those who start field inspection campaigns on the targeted sites to ensure the commitment of about 30,000 establishments to which the decision applies.

The Ministry also put a telephone line and its number (17873648) to report any violation that is monitored by the public, as the Ministry and through inspection teams will verify this violation and take the necessary action in this regard.

In a statement to him on this occasion, the Minister of Labor and Social Development, Jamil Humaidan, stressed the importance of the enterprises' continued commitment to this decision, noting that the commitment rate in previous years was exemplary, and it was not less than 98%, stressing in this regard the necessity and importance of providing employers Work equipment has the best occupational safety and health standards to avoid workers from potential occupational injuries due to hot and humid weather, stressing that the Ministry will not tolerate the registration of violations towards non-compliant establishments, where the necessary legal measures will be taken in the event of a violation, and according to the decision, anyone who violates the provisions of the ban ban Working at noon with the penalties stipulated in Article (192) of the National Labor Law issued by Law No. (36) of 2012, which states that anyone who violates any of the provisions of Chapter (15) and the decisions issued in implementation thereof shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding three months And with a fine of no less than 500 dinars, and no more than one thousand dinars, or one of these two penalties.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development has called on employers as well as work site supervisors and occupational safety and health engineers in various facilities to train workers in first aid, provide health care, and provide adequate drinking water to protect workers from heat stress.