Minister of Health
Minister of Health

The Minister of Health and Community Protection, Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Al Owais, said in his speech today at the fifth session of the series of leaders' conferences, organized by the Ministry of Defense, that thanks to the forward-looking vision of the government, and the great support given by the rational leadership of the health sector, and all that was invested in it, the capabilities of Our health system is at its best ingredients and levels. ...


He said that the state has adopted in all its sectors a unique Emirati model led by the Supreme Council for National Security, which managed the crisis with great professionalism, by taking precautionary measures and proactive preventive measures to contain the emerging corona virus "Covid-19".

He referred to the effective and integrated strategy developed by the National Leadership Team for Emergencies, Crises and Disasters to manage the level of the second national emergency related to epidemics and infectious diseases that affect humans since its first meeting on January 26, 2020 and before monitoring the first case in the country in cooperation with the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, which The United Arab Emirates enabled early preparation to control the pace of the spread of the new Corona virus and proved great success in maintaining the performance of all sectors in the country.

He stressed the current crisis demonstrated the flexibility of our health, security, educational and economic systems, and their ability to keep pace with all variables and deal with emergencies and crises efficiently and competently, pointing to the vital role played by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation through coordination between the United Arab Emirates and other countries of the world in exchanging information and experiences. In the field of controlling the Corona Covid 19 epidemic.

He said that the efforts of the health system have focused, since the discovery of the new Corona virus in the country, on strengthening the mechanism of medical examination and active investigation of infected people and contacts, as it is the cornerstone of preventing the spread of the epidemic, containing it and reducing its severity with an active monitoring mechanism that relies on proactive examinations to be the first in the world in the number of examinations per million Of the population. In addition to rehabilitating health centers and supporting the capacity of hospitals according to the best international practices and distinguished experiences.

He stressed that the UAE was keen to deal intelligently with this challenge that faced the entire world. We committed to the standards of transparency and involved society in all its groups in the efforts to contain the pandemic, being the main partner through awareness of all sectors, each according to its competence, to enhance social responsibility.

He pointed out that one of the country's pioneering achievements during the crisis was our participation in the third phase of clinical trials to produce the Covid 19 vaccine, and we became a fundamental partner in the global efforts to find an effective and effective vaccine to eradicate the epidemic, as 32,000 thousand volunteers in the United Arab Emirates of nationalities participated in these experiments.