Medical warnings of complacency of Corona restaurants
Medical warnings of complacency of Corona restaurants

Despite the passage of more than a year since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic and the growing medical and community knowledge about its severity, some insist on laxity in applying the precautionary measures, and recently, with the escalation of vaccination campaigns globally, irresponsible individual behaviors appeared, which some resorted to under the pretext of obtaining my dose.

The vaccine has caused an increase in infection rates in many countries, especially as it coincides with the emergence of new mutations of the virus around the world.

Dr. Omar Al-Hammadi, a consultant of internal diseases, stresses the danger of community members taking unmeasured individual decisions, whether to stop wearing the muzzle or not to adhere to social distancing after obtaining the second dose of the vaccine, indicating that facing the spread of the epidemic must take a collective pattern and behavior, The consequence of following the instructions issued in this regard.

Al-Hammadi stressed that individual actions can hinder the efforts of health authorities and prolong the period of flattening the graph of the numbers of injuries and deaths, and thus prolong the confrontation, which will result in the continued application of precautionary measures.

In this context, Al-Hammadi warned that leniency in applying the precautionary measures after receiving the vaccine may cause the virus to be transmitted to family members, colleagues, or friends with chronic diseases or the elderly, or people who have not yet received vaccines, which may result in harm. Their.