Lifting the ban on hunting
Lifting the ban on hunting

The Agriculture and Marine Resources Agency of the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning announced the lifting of the ban on fishing for kingfish with nets, its circulation and sale, as of October 15, 2020, when the ban came into effect on 15 August.


This decision comes with the aim of increasing kingfish stocks within the total fish stock in the Kingdom, organizing the fishing process, and avoiding depleting kingfish fisheries in a way that achieves balance within marine organisms.

The decision prohibits the display and circulation of kingfish fish during the period of the ban’s validity in public places for the purpose of marketing or selling. Anyone who violates the provisions of this decision is punished with the penalties stipulated in Decree-Law No. (20) of 2002 regarding the regulation of fishing, exploitation and protection of marine wealth.

In a statement, the agency appreciated the fishermen's cooperation and commitment to what was stated in the decision, which reflects the importance of the partnership between the various relevant parties, noting that banning fishing during the breeding season for fish is one of the best scientific methods to preserve fish stocks and ensure the continuity of marine life.

The ban decision also comes in implementation of the decision of the Agricultural Cooperation Committee in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council in its 23rd meeting held at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council in Riyadh, which stipulated that the member states of the Council take measures to protect kingfish, including increasing the legal length of fish allowed to be caught, and increasing the eye opening. In the nets, determining the banning season of catching these fish by nets.