Life returns to the interiors of restaurants and cafes
Life returns to the interiors of restaurants and cafes

Restaurants opened their doors two days ago to receive customers, to provide their services in the interior spaces, in accordance with the requirements and instructions issued by the Ministry of Health regarding measures to combat “Corona”.

Restaurants and cafes this morning witnessed a good turnout from the audience, while the shisha cafes remained waiting for the evening in the hope of returning customers, and the outdoor spaces that were previously allowed to receive customers remained in a refreshed state, especially with the lower temperatures and the improvement of the atmosphere during the morning.

For his part, Abdullah Al-Aradi, owner of the "Amoush" restaurant, confirmed that the turnout is very good this morning, as expected, confirming the full preparations in accordance with the health procedures that the restaurant adheres to. It is expected that the sector will witness a greater turnout during the coming period.

In a tour conducted by Al-Ayyam to restaurants in the Budaiya and Souq Waqif regions, restaurants and cafes showed a great commitment to the mandatory procedures stipulated in the ministerial decision, and it became clear that a number of restaurants were using contactless payment methods as a precaution against Corona, as previously recommended by the Ministry of Health.

For her part, the young Bahraini Fatima Hassan, one of the visitors of a restaurant, indicated the full commitment by the pioneers and restaurant owners alike to the precautionary health measures, from continuous sterilization, social distancing and the commitment to wearing masks before and after sitting at the table, indicating that she feels reassured of this commitment that reflects awareness of Bahrainis on the health aspect related to "Corona".

The Minister of Health’s decision regarding the reopening of restaurants provides for an immediate closure of any restaurant or café that does not comply with the implementation of the stipulated medical requirements and obligations.