Imposing Travel bans on residents
Imposing Travel bans on residents

It should be noted that in the United Arab Emirates at the time of granting credit card facilities to the customer, banks or financial institutions (“the bank”) may collect a check from the customer as a guarantee against the credit limit of the granted credit card facility in addition to a signed application form that may contain terms and conditions for the facility Credit card.


Depending on the documents, the bank may have collected a security check from you as a guarantee against the credit card facility provided to you with signed application forms containing the terms and conditions of the credit card facility.

So, once you defaulted on your credit card dues to the bank, he may have deposited your security check for collection.

If the mentioned security check was insulted by your bank due to insufficient funds in your bank account, the bank may file a criminal complaint against you for insulting the security check. It should be noted that the shame of a check in the UAE is a criminal offense. When a criminal complaint is filed against you by the bank, there may already be a travel ban imposed on you and since you are outside the country, your name may be on the wanted list of the UAE authorities for which you may be detained when you can re-enter the UAE.

However, if a criminal complaint is filed against you in the Emirate of Dubai due to the lack of honor of the security check, according to the provisions of Dubai Law No. (1) of 2017 related to the criminal order if the amount of the security check is less than 200,000 dirhams, the penalty may be A fine may range from Dh2,000 to Dh10,000. Upon paying this financial penalty, your name may be removed from the blacklist by the UAE authorities.

The criminal court where the case against you is filed may also close it.

It is recommended that you contact the bank and ask it to provide you with the details of the criminal case and civil case (if any) that may have been filed against you. Moreover, you can also ask them to provide you with the settlement amount if you intend to settle the credit card balance with the bank. When paying the settlement amount to the bank, you can ask them to issue a "certificate of non-entitlement" and ask them to withdraw the criminal lawsuit and civil lawsuit (if any) that may have been filed against you. Then, upon confirmation from the bank that the cases that may have been brought against you have been withdrawn, you can travel to Dubai. However, it is recommended that you carry with you a copy of the "Certificate of Non-Payments", the Confirmation of Criminal Status and the Confirmation of Civil Clearance provided to you by the bank.

For further clarifications, you can consult the legal department of the bank or legal practice in the UAE to get more professional advice.

Law text:

When a criminal complaint against a credit card default is filed by the bank, he may be placed on a travel ban.