flights from UAE to India
flights from UAE to India

Officials of the Indian missions in India said that the Indian Vand Bharat mission will move to its fifth stage, where 105 return flights from the United Arab Emirates are scheduled to be operated in various cities in India.


The Consul for Press, Information and Culture Neeraj Agarwal said that a total of 74 flights from Sharjah and Dubai will be operated to various cities in India from August 1 to August 15.

Meanwhile, an official of the Indian embassy in the United Arab Emirates said that about 31 special flights will fly from Abu Dhabi to Indian cities between 1 and 15 August as part of the fifth stage.

"The official announcement and reservation details will be announced online for private India Air flights and Air India Express soon," Agarwal said.

Commenting on the travel agreement between India and the Emirates to return the stranded residents of India to the Emirates, Agarwal said: "The current situation remains and more clarity will emerge soon."

India and the United Arab Emirates launched a 15-day special agreement to operate flights from 12 to 26 July.

According to the agreement, Air India and Air India Express flights operating as part of the Vand Bharat mission from the UAE to India can transport UAE residents stranded in India to the UAE as they depart from the flight.

Likewise, UAE airlines and Indian private carriers that operate flights to return stranded Indians in the UAE can return the UAE residents stranded in India on the return flight. "I can confirm that the current travel arrangements for the return of passengers who have received the approvals stipulated by the UAE government will continue at the present time," Agarwal stressed.

He added: "People who want to return to India do not have to worry, as there are a large number of flights available from UAE and Indian airlines in addition to private transport companies. The same can be said for the passengers who want to return to the Emirates."

The current travel agreement states that all returning passengers from India must hold a residence visa in the UAE with ICA or GDRFA approvals and a negative Covid-19 medical certificate.

Indian Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said on Twitter on Saturday:

"More than 814,000 passengers have returned to India through various means and said that more than 270,000 people have returned on Air India, Air India Express and Indian private carriers since May 6."