Launching Fully digital vehicle licensing
Launching Fully digital vehicle licensing

The Roads and Transport Authority announced today, Monday, the launch of the "full digital vehicle licensing" service in Dubai.


Mousa Al Raisi, director of vehicle licensing systems at the RTA licensing agency, said that the new initiative will make the process of registering vehicles "much easier" thanks to "digital technologies that save the customer's time and effort in light of the existing normal procedures."

The official said that the technical testing of the vehicles will continue.

This came at a time when the Roads and Transport Authority held a remote working session with customers to discuss the "first of its kind" initiative.

"This interactive session resulted in innovative ideas that generated four innovative thinking lines, which contributed to developing a model for the full digital vehicle licensing experience. The service will be offered as part of the agency's ongoing digital transformation campaign that will last until 2021," Al Raisi said.