Ministry of Health
Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health begins the winter vaccination campaign on Thursday, October 15th, in all health areas, which include seasonal flu and nemo coccal vaccines, and extends until the vaccination stock ends, as the campaign will be opened in Yarmouk Center.


The campaign targets high-risk groups, taking into account the achievement of 60-70% for dangerous groups. The "Nemococcal" vaccine will be given to children from 6 months to 16 years, who have not been vaccinated before according to the childhood vaccination program or who have no proof of their vaccination, whether the child is From the risk group or from the healthy, and the vaccine will be given to individuals from the age of 16 years and over from the risk groups who have not previously been vaccinated during the winter or Hajj seasons or who do not have proof of vaccination.

As for the influenza bait, individuals 6 months of age and over will be vaccinated for those with risk factors for infection with the influenza virus, and health workers will be vaccinated according to procedures for dealing with high-risk groups, as well as given to pregnant women for its high safety.

The target groups in the vaccination campaign against respiratory diseases include patients with chronic diseases, immunocompromised and the rest of the groups that have risk factors, and sensitive groups related to society such as civil defense, police, army, barbers and drivers will also be vaccinated, as well as healthy people without diseases who wish In taking the vaccination, as the campaign includes all citizens and residents, and the vaccination will be in all preventive health centers in the morning period, and some centers will operate in the evening, noting that the two vaccinations are available in all 34 centers, in addition to the preventive departments in hospitals.

The campaign will not allow the vaccination of individuals under isolation or quarantine, and their vaccination will be postponed until the end of the period, in addition to which health requirements will be applied to reduce crowding, physical distancing and wearing masks.