new cases of corona virus
new cases of corona virus

The Ministry of Health announced an increase in the number of new cases of Corona virus (COFED 19), where 1041 new cases and 5 new deaths were registered, bringing the number of cases infected with the Corona virus to 18,609 cases.

The increase in the number of coronavirus infections among citizens and residents in Kuwait is due to random surveys ranging between 4 and 5 thousand, and there are cases where no symptoms of the virus or simple symptoms appear, with increased healing cases and low death rates.

The Ministry of Health has established a special protocol for dealing with infected cases, where the infected cases are classified and sorted so that cases that need full care are transferred to hospitals, quarantine centers or home isolation with a follow-up medical follow-up.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Abdullah Al-Sind, said today, Thursday, that the number of cases that have been infected with the virus, including cases in contact with cases of the disease, and other cases under consideration for the causes of infection.

 In the same context, the Ministry of Health announced the healing of 320 cases of those infected with the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19), bringing the number of recovering cases to 5,205 cases.