statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an important statement to all expatriates from many countries coming to Kuwait regarding the approved centers for corona examination.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has designated a number of accredited centers for the examination of the PCR for the emerging corona virus.

It also mentioned 6 accredited centers for the PCR examination of the new corona virus in Egypt, according to an official letter issued by the health office at the Kuwaiti embassy in Cairo, and the names of the doctors have also been identified.

Al-Masar also mentioned according to what is mentioned in the book, 3 of which can be taken through a household sample, one to withdraw the sample from the car, and two centers for review and examination.

On the other hand, Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Al-Nasser affirmed Kuwait’s keenness on the strength of the relationship between Kuwait and China, and China is one of Kuwait’s largest trading partners.

 Also, Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah received a phone call from British Minister of State for Middle East and North Africa Affairs James Cleverley to confirm the relations between the country.