Corona treatment
Corona treatment

Ibrahim Al-Masoud, a young Kuwaiti, a specialist in virology, and a PhD researcher at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. Fate wished that his last year of study coincided with the Corona crisis encircling the world. ...

Al-Masoud is considered one of the few Kuwaitis who are working on research related to Corona, and in an interview with Al-Qabas, he revealed that he is working with his supervisor in the doctoral program on a treatment for the emerging virus, by preventing its movement and hiding among the body's cells, to show it to the immune system, in preparation for fighting it, Stressing that they have reached preliminary results, the treatment is expected to see the light within two months.

Al-Masoud indicated that the drug he is developing will hit the virus’s shell, making it unable to hide in the cells, and it will appear to the immune system that will resist it, indicating that the deadly viruses escape from the immune system into the cells.

If they appear on the cell membrane or are in the blood, they will be able White blood cells attack and eliminate them, and expose them to the immune system to resist them, which is what happens with cold and similar viruses, so that the body treats itself.

Al-Masoud stated that his experiments are now being conducted to prevent the attachment of the virus envelope with a part of a cell, and if this link is prevented, the virus will be visible on the cell membrane, not inside, which makes the immune system able to fight it, like other viruses.