arrest assailant of an Egyptian young man
arrest assailant of an Egyptian young man

A Kuwaiti citizen assaulted an Egyptian young man who works as a cashier in Sabah Al-Ahmad Association, where he was slapped three times, and a video of the incident was published on social media and infuriated Egyptians abroad.


Several major authorities in Kuwait interfered, and the Consul General explained to the public that the accused Kuwaiti, who was accused of the incident, was immediately arrested and charged with assaulting an Egyptian resident. Also, the "Sabah Al-Ahmad" affiliate of the store announced its solidarity with the young man led by its president, "Nasser Dhar Al-Otaibi".

Many criticisms were directed at the young Egyptian "Walid" because of the failure to return slaps to the aggressor citizen. Walid replied to these criticisms that, according to his work in the association, he is not allowed to provide or delay a client from the other according to the specified numbers.
Ambassador Nabila Makram Abdel-Shahid, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs abroad, contacted Ambassador Hisham Asran, Consul General of Egypt in Kuwait, to follow up the position of the Egyptian youth and stressed her appreciation for the speed of movement by the Consulate General as well as by the Kuwaiti authorities that do not differentiate between workers on its territory and treat Egyptians as treatment Kuwaitis.

Ambassador Hisham Asran stressed that the accident is an individual that does not represent the strength of the bilateral relations between the two peoples and the stability of hundreds of thousands of Egyptian workers in the State of Kuwait.