return to work
return to work

The Ministry of Interior has laid down an integrated plan for the return of work in all its service departments that receive citizens and residents during the next week after the announcement of the Council of Ministers.

The Ministry has implemented all health requirements and precautionary measures such as wearing masks, gloves, and social spacing between auditors and employees.
The director of the public administration stated that the ministry will launch a new service on the official website of the Ministry of Interior to book the dates of entry of citizens and residents to service departments beforehand before coming to the headquarters.
 It is given a barcode that the receptionist views before being allowed to enter the administration, in addition to the need for a ready transaction that meets the conditions.
Brigadier Al-Kandari outlined the steps to return to work in service departments at several points, as follows:

1- Departments will operate with a capacity of only 30% of their employees
2- Entering departments through electronic reservation of appointments in advance from the website of the Ministry of Interior, and the presence of a "barcode" designated in the person's name and data to enter the administration
3- Allow receiving from 80 to 100 references only every hour, and when they finish their work, the other group enters the same numbers
4- The employees were divided into groups alternately
5- Receiving auditors includes citizens, residents, company owners and company representatives
6- Citizens, all their transactions will be completed in the service centers, except for the transactions related to Article 22 (joining the family) that cannot be accomplished in the service centers and will be completed in the administration of residence affairs.