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Kuwait.. Transfer to joining the family is permitted
Transfer to joining the family is permitted

After this issue sparked a case of controversy, the Ministry of Interior settled the matter regarding the categories that are permitted to transfer their residency from residents working in government agencies to other agencies. It confirmed the possibility of transferring to join the family in accordance with Article 22 after studying each application submitted to it separately.

In its response to the Ministry of Education’s inquiry about the categories allowed to transfer residency, the Ministry of Interior said, “Regarding the application for transferring residency to joining the family, according to Article 22, the applicant must review the General Administration of Residency Affairs, where it studies each application separately. ,
As well as requests for transfer to Article 24 (the same guarantor).

Controls According to the book, of which Al-Qabas obtained a copy, the Ministry of Interior stated that Article 13 of Ministerial Resolution No. , As stipulated in the decision, and he has a valid passport or travel document throughout his stay, and the residency may be transferred from one type to another.

And from one purpose to another, according to the controls set by the General Administration of Residency Affairs, and the period of residency is linked to its purpose and ends with its expiration, even if that is before the end of its term. Approvals and clarified that the transfer between government agencies, in accordance with Article 17, requires the approval of the entity in which he was working, and the body that wants to appoint him, in addition to the approval of the Civil Service Bureau.

As for the transfer from the government sector to the private sector, according to Article 18, it requires obtaining a work permit from the Public Authority for Manpower, and that the profession to be employed is commensurate with the profession in which he was working in the government sector, with the specialization and the same qualifications. Reading Challenge Competition On the other hand, Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Dr. Saud Al-Harbi expressed his pride and pride in the achievements of the Ministry of Education students in the "Arab Reading Challenge" competition at the level of Kuwait for the year 2019-2020 in its fifth session. Al-Harbi wished the winning students continued success and success and raised the name of Kuwait in international forums.

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