increases fines by up to 1000%
increases fines by up to 1000%

The government referred to the National Assembly the draft law amending some provisions of Decree-Law No. 67 of 1976 regarding traffic, which included toughening traffic penalties, as the fine for exceeding the speed limit under it reached 500 dinars, and not less than 200 dinars, and some violations raised up to 1000 percent Among the most prominent fines contained in the project, and which became under the custody of the Parliamentary Interior and Defense Committee, are the following: - 500 dinars to bypass the red light, use of the phone, recklessness and speed.

And 200 dinars for children in the front seats, shading, loud noises, and smoke emissions. And 200 dinars to put stickers and drive without insurance for the vehicle and not adhere to the landlines.

And 150 dinars to walk and park on the sidewalks and not to fasten seat belts.

And 75 dinars for parking trucks and vehicles selling goods in residential areas and public facilities.

And 75 dinars for deliberately disrupting or blocking traffic.

Article (33 bis) states that, without prejudice to the measures prescribed in this law or to any more severe punishment in any other law, a penalty of imprisonment for a period not exceeding three months and a fine not exceeding five hundred dinars, and no less than two hundred dinars or either of these two penalties shall be imposed each. Whoever commits one of the following acts:

1 - Bypassing the red traffic light.

2 - Driving a vehicle with recklessness or negligence, exposing the driver or others to danger to their lives or property.

3 - violates the provisions of Article 28 of this law.

4 - Conducts a race for motor vehicles on the road without a permit or in violation of a permit, or conducts a gathering of motorized vehicles to use them recklessly or negligently or use them in a way that exposes the driver or others to danger to their lives or property.

5 - Exceeding the speed limit.

6 - He drove vehicles (buggies) in places other than those designated for them.

7 - He drove a vehicle against the direction of traffic on highways and circles.

8 - Use of handheld communication devices while driving.

9 - Driving an unlicensed motor vehicle without its metal plates or with its plates disbursed from the General Traffic Department, with changing some or all of the numbers or with non-disbursed plates from the General Traffic Department on which the original plate numbers are written or with different numbers written on them.

10 - Using the private car to transport passengers for hire without a permit.