The first rain preparations test
The first rain preparations test

Yesterday, the concerned state authorities faced their first test of rain preparations, as the amounts of rain ranged from medium to light and spread over large areas in the country.

Yesterday's rains caused some streets to drown, sewage networks were closed, and large quantities of water accumulated in some areas, amid instability in the weather that continued during the past two days, with expectations of stability returning today and tomorrow, while meteorologists predict increased opportunities for rain again.

The day after tomorrow, Tuesday, until next Wednesday.

And many areas witnessed large pools of water, which caused traffic obstruction and traffic congestion on a number of streets.

In addition, the Ministry of Health confirmed that the rain did not cause any injuries or deaths yesterday. Meteorologist Muhammad Karam predicted the "stability" of the weather next Saturday, the day parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held.

Karam said that the rains that the country witnessed yesterday came due to the progression of the African depression to the central Arabian Peninsula, explaining that the western side of the country witnessed formations of clouds, including cumulus.