shortage of expatriates in Kuwait
shortage of expatriates in Kuwait

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "Nitaqat" General Contracting Company, Muhammad Al-Mutairi, confirmed that Kuwait is suffering from a scarcity of professional workers working in the construction sector coinciding with the "Corona" crisis, which led to an increase in the wages of professional workers and an increase in the price of the service provided to the citizen. ...


Al-Mutairi said in a press statement yesterday that the growing demand for labor, such as blacksmiths and carpenters, and support specialties such as workers' supervisors and delegates, has led to an increase in the daily price, as there has become a severe shortage of this type of employment, which has created confusion in the labor market, especially as the country is in the process of creating new residential cities such as Al-Malalah and Abdullah. Al-Mubarak and South Saad Al-Abdullah, which will affect the contracting sector in general.

He added that the construction sector is one of the most important sectors in various countries as it is concerned with implementing the state’s housing plans, as it is the main engine of the economy’s acceleration.

If the construction sector moves, all other sectors will follow it because it is the link between the government and the private sector, and some companies not classified by the committee have suffered.

Tenders as they get some business through an intermediary, which is the big companies with half the financial value, and the accompanying delay in obtaining the dues and financial payments, as evidenced by what happened from labor demonstrations due to the delay of salaries, while the big companies get the payments and do not give the executing company, so we At Nitaqat, we do not work as sub-contractors at all, regardless of its financial value, in the interest of the company's reputation and the desire to succeed in the Kuwaiti market.