layoffs of expatriates
layoffs of expatriates

 The Minister of State for Municipal Affairs M. Walid Al-Jasim directed the executive branch of the municipality to stop appointing expatriates and reduce their numbers.

The minister affirmed that dispensing with expatriates in the municipality had begun, and that he would not back down from the policy of replacing Kuwaitis and would not respond to any pressure.

In the same context, Deputy Dr. Muhammad Al-Huwaila said that he will follow up with the Minister of Oil the replacement of Kuwaitis instead of expatriates in the corporation and open the way for contract workers to transfer to the corporation.

The Minister of Municipalities stated that some expats ’contracts will be terminated and others will not be renewed, with the existing expatriates evaluated.

He said in a statement : «The financial and administrative affairs sector is working to limit the existing cases, and that the implementation will be gradual according to administrative and legal procedures, and the work will go in two parallel lines, by moving more towards reliance on electronic services and technology to work in parallel with dispensing with expatriates.

In response to a question by Al-Jasem, "What about your foreign advisors?"