Informed Kuwaiti sources confirmed that "the decision to ban hookahs in cafes and restaurants is enforceable and irreversible soon."

She explained that "assessing the health status, although it is reassuring, is that this activity cannot be allowed to return soon."
And revealing that “the return of hookah depends on the success of the Coronavirus vaccines that are being developed internationally and the start of vaccination campaigns in the country,” the sources pointed out that “the proposal to introduce hookah according to certain health requirements cannot be trusted, and accordingly there was a rejection of the proposals in this regard.” , Affirming that "the interest of society takes precedence over the interest of individuals."
She added, "Various countries of the world are witnessing a state of increasing infection rates now, and some have begun to impose strict restrictions and some have returned to partial curfews, and we must realize these facts that we must take into account."
The sources concluded by stressing that "human health is a red line for the health system, which is trying hard to take all precautionary means to avoid a return to tight restrictions, similar to what happened in many countries of the world."