Resuming work in the private sector
Resuming work in the private sector

The Council of Ministers is expected to establish the first stage of the plan to return to normal life to start announcing the facilities that are allowed to open in the second stage next week, with the approval of the Ministry of Health monitoring and the violation and fines of irregular and non-compliant individuals or facilities.


Activities include the reopening of malls from 10 am to 6 pm, and retail stores such as clothing stores, sanitary ware, gold, spices, and furniture and furnishing stores.

According to the sources, restaurants will be allowed to sell directly to customers, so that the request will be delivered standing, while chairs and tables continue to be lifted to prevent seating. And the completion of the opening of banks that are still closed and the financial sectors, parks and public parks with the requirement not to cluster, in addition to the construction sector.

The sources revealed that one of the most important controls for the second stage is determining the proportion of employees as well as determining a percentage of less than 30% for the ministries ’employees in the first stage, preventing gatherings and committing to silences with a safe distance between everyone in all places and times, and it is preferred to use electronic payment devices instead of trading papers Cash.

The sources pointed out: With reliance on electronic doors, that the regular doors remain open so that there is no need to use hands to open them, and the creation of a plastic insulator between cashier and customers, commitment to the system of changing the sheet every 3 weeks between work crews with continuous disinfection with the dilute chlorine of the surfaces used Like the ground, tables and so on.

The sources indicated the necessity of modifying the mechanism for the return of restaurants and cafes to allow sitting with spacing and rearranging tables to leave safe distances between customers while entering only a certain number, or reducing the number of tables and chairs according to the social spacing map, and replacing the closing of the dressing rooms, prayer rooms, and bathrooms, By adhering to disinfection of tried clothes, obligating continuous disinfection after each person has completed his prayers, and periodically disinfecting the bathrooms after each use. The controls for the third stage will be announced to enable officials in hotels, resorts, hotel apartments, taxis and social care homes to prepare if the period from June 21 to July 11 is complied with. Zonal isolation will continue with changes, and the partial curfew hours will be adjusted from 9 pm until 6 am.