Reducing salaries of the private sector
Reducing salaries of the private sector

After the outbreak of the Corona virus (Covid 19) and the spread of the virus and the disruption of government and private departments for more than three months, the authorities began to take decisions to return life to normal in stages.


The economy in the country, insects, and the private sector were affected a lot and many companies reduced their numbers of employees and worked remotely for the rest of the employees.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the National Assembly will discuss the law dealing with the effects of the Corna pandemic and requires that business owners be allowed to reduce employment salaries by a maximum of 50% and retrospectively since last March 12.

The Parliamentary Committee revealed that 21% of companies violated the law and imposed leave without salaries on workers, while 15% of companies laid off workers.

The committee's decision, Representative Saadoun Hammad, said that the first article of the draft law stipulates that:

"An aggrieved employer whose activities have ceased entirely or partially due to the precautionary measures and measures taken by the state to prevent the Corona pandemic, agree with all or some of his employees to reduce the wages throughout the period of activity ceasing to a maximum of 50%, without prejudice to the minimum wages provided that they are taken into account Actual working hours for paid wages. "

Hammad added that the first article also allowed the employer to agree with all or some of his employees to grant special leave with a reduced wage that is not less than the minimum wage or less than 30% of the wage, whichever is higher, during the period of activity cessation, and when the service ends in either of the two cases it is calculated The employee's dues on the basis of the wage owed to him before his reduction, and the period of reduction and leave shall be within the period of service.

Likewise, it is necessary for the employer to notify the Ministry of the agreements concluded with the workers during the periods specified by the Cabinet decision stipulated in Article Five of this law.