Return of the rest of the expatriate
Return of the rest of the expatriate

The General Administration of Civil Aviation held a press conference yesterday morning to present the plan for the return of domestic workers to the country, which was approved by the Council of Ministers, whereby domestic workers will return first, and then the rest of the categories of expatriates will gradually follow.


The general manager M. said. Yousef Al-Fouzan said that the domestic worker who will return is the one who has valid residency and recorded their data on the “in safety” platform, indicating that the plan takes 4 months and their number is 80 thousand, and only 600 passengers will be received per day and they will be institutionalized for 14 days.

He pointed out that the plan will save costs for the sponsor who wants to return his domestic worker from his country to Kuwait directly instead of passing through an intermediary country and staying 14 days, indicating that the project is temporary until the quarantine is lifted by the health authorities.

He pointed out that the project is a proposal submitted by Kuwait Airways, Jazeera Airways and the National Aviation Services Company (NAS) to the health authorities, pointing out that the sponsor is free to choose the travel of his domestic worker, whether direct flight to Kuwait or choose an intermediary country (transit).

He pointed out that the quarantine housing and accompanying services were provided in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health, pointing out that the Civil Aviation had received an offer submitted by the National Aviation Services Company (NAS) that includes transportation and housing in independent residential buildings and (3) meals, cleaning, security and guarding services. And all public services.

He pointed out that negotiations had been negotiated with the National Aviation Services Company (NAS), where the cost was reduced from 550 Kuwaiti dinars to 270 Kuwaiti dinars per person, in order to provide competitive prices from an economic point of view and to ensure that domestic workers directly reach the State of Kuwait.