health ban
health ban

A government source confirmed that the return of the "partial ban" is nearing, with the increase in the number of citizen patients in the intensive care rooms, which increased significantly in the previous days, which caused a great burden on the medical staff, in addition to the increase in deaths to 100 cases in 30 days.


The source emphasized that the decision to return the "partial ban" would come to try to stop social events, especially gatherings of bureaus and others, indicating that the health leaders met yesterday to discuss taking appropriate mechanisms for the health situation in the country and addressing the Corona pandemic, as no recommendations have been taken, and it will be completed. The committee met today (Sunday).

The source said: The Health Committee will take what preserves the safety of everyone and will submit its recommendations to the Council of Ministers, in preparation for taking appropriate health decisions at its next session tomorrow (Monday) or next Thursday.

He added, "The decision to return the partial ban is close, but this mechanism will be preceded by precautionary steps first."

In the context, and while the Ministry of Health accelerates the pace to launch a preventive vaccination campaign for seasonal influenza and pneumonia during the current week or next week at the latest, the Ministry will double the quantities of vaccines to 3 times this year, coinciding with the spread of Corona and the increase in infection rates.

The source revealed that the vaccines work to strengthen the immune system, thus relieving the symptoms of Corona infection, and they also reduce the incidence of influenza, at a rate of up to 60%, indicating that a person with regular influenza is more susceptible to infection with the Corona virus than others.