partial ban
partial ban

Government sources revealed that the option of partial ban is still in place, but it is subject to an increase in the number and severity of injuries and deaths, in addition to compliance with health requirements, pointing out that the government will not hesitate to take any appropriate action that the health authorities will deem appropriate to protect and protect everyone's safety.

The sources said that the Council of Ministers, during its meeting today, stressed the need to tighten controls and adhere to the decisions issued to tackle the Corona virus.

She explained that the government stressed the need for government agencies to cooperate in monitoring gatherings at weddings and bureaus, and not to be complacent in applying the law far from any favoritism, as it was observed that weddings, banquets and events were held in public without being bound by health requirements.

The sources noted that the Ministry of Health requested an urgent response to the fatwa on the law on wearing masks, and granting the judicial control to health personnel.

She pointed out that the Council decided to continue the list of 34 countries prohibited from entering the country, in addition to the continuation of the quarantine period for returnees for two weeks until further notice.