His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled chaired yesterday an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers, via video call, to consider the recommendations submitted by the Corona Emergency Committee on the repercussions of the Corona virus.


In what can be considered a relative flexibility in the position of the Ministry of Health towards those coming from abroad, the Ministry assured the Council that the cases in which the quarantine should be implemented are both those coming from abroad, and those in contact with confirmed cases, stressing the need to adhere to the ban on gatherings, and to amend legislation with the aim of imposing immediate financial fines Not to adhere to wearing a protective face mask, and to intensify media campaigns in its various forms to increase community awareness.

The sources added that the health authorities will not adopt a recommendation to move to the fifth stage until after the number of infected people decreases or with the arrival of an anti-corona virus vaccine.

The sources indicated that the council did not take a decision in its meeting yesterday to re-impose the ban, noting that there is also no decision to isolate a region or governorate.
With regard to efforts to open skies with the banned countries, the sources said that there is great progress in this regard, as His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled received Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kuwait Airways Ali Muhammad Al-Dukhan, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kuwaiti Jazeera Airways Marwan Bodhi.

The sources said that based on the good results of the meeting with His Highness the Prime Minister, another meeting was held with the head of the General Administration of Civil Aviation, Sheikh Salman Al-Hamoud. The sources expected that these meetings will yield advanced results in preparation for issuing the appropriate decision.