Kuwait Oil Company hires expatriate workers
Kuwait Oil Company hires expatriate workers

Responsible oil sources confirmed that Kuwait Oil Company recently signed a contract with a specialized company (contractor contract) to hire professionals in the oil and gas industry to bring skilled technical workers from Canada and the United States of America, and therefore to work in exploration and production operations, medical specialties, health and safety, environment, engineering and earth sciences In addition to other jobs that the company is expected to request later.


The sources added that the contract period is extended for a period of 5 years, and the Kuwait Oil Company imposed strict procedures in bringing workers in terms of the standard of competence, experience and training with the implementation of tests before entering Kuwait to work in the company, noting that the recruitment processes in the contract must be from America and Canada Only through job advertisements within the two countries only.

The sources stated that the winning contractor must provide the Kuwait Oil Company with the CV of the workers in advance before the import and supply process, with the worker signing a number of contracts and agreements that ensure adherence to Kuwaiti law, ability to adapt in the work environment within the company and flexibility in adhering to internal regulations in the oil sector.

She added that "Kuwait Oil" stipulated that candidates should be interviewed in America and Canada before entering Kuwait to work.

It should be noted that the Kuwait Oil Company had qualified 4 companies to participate in the contract, which was launched on May 23, 2019.