Kuwait is the worst destination for expats
Kuwait is the worst destination for expats

Kuwait ranked last in the Gulf and the second-to-last in the world for the Expatriate Sustainability Environment Index 2020, which is issued by International annually, after it was ranked last in the Expatriate Stability Index last year out of 64 countries.

Internations said: “In order for any country to be included in the environmental and sustainability classification of expatriates, it was necessary to have a sample of at least 75 participants in each country for the survey that it conducted, and this year 60 destination destinations for expatriates met this requirement, and more than a thousand expatriates participated in the survey. They represent 173 nationalities and live in 181 countries. ”
Kuwait ranked in the total index 59th in the world, after Egypt (58) out of 60 countries, India ranked last, Indonesia ranked 57th, Vietnam ranked 56, Thailand ranked 55th, and Philippines ranked 54th.
As for the world, Finland topped the first place, Sweden and Norway came in second and third places, then Austria, Switzerland and Denmark in the 4, 5 and 6 places, and New Zealand, Germany, Canada and Luxembourg ranked 7, 8, 9 and 10.
The "Internations" survey stated: “Kuwait, India, Egypt, Indonesia and Vietnam were voted as the worst destination for expatriates in terms of sustainability, and respondents in these countries often express their dissatisfaction with the effects of air pollution, lack of clean water and inadequate sanitation for many residents and the spread of Lack of concern for the environment among the population ».
The survey indicated that the performance of Kuwait, Egypt and India in the index was much worse than other destinations in the Middle East, which achieved advanced ranks, while Turkey and Saudi Arabia advanced in the index this year, indicating that the expatriates surveyed from Kuwait express their dissatisfaction with the availability of goods and services that Encourages the environment, in relation to waste management and recycling infrastructure.