re-closing Kuwait International Airport
re-closing Kuwait International Airport

The Cabinet issued a decision approving the resumption of commercial flights at Kuwait International Airport, in three stages, starting from the beginning of August.

The General Administration of Civil Aviation announced that the phases of operating the airport at 30% until operation at 100% will take 12 months, divided into 3 phases.
An official source revealed that commercial flights will include travel of citizens and residents alike, and the General Administration of Civil Aviation presented the decision based on an operational plan with the administration tasked with preparing the airport to implement health requirements to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

Sources revealed that Kuwait Airport has become threatened with closure due to the massive resignations of the Aviation Safety Administration and their exemption from their supervisory positions due to conspiracies, intrigues and fallacies against workers in the administration.

The sources also confirmed that the International Civil Aviation Organization has the authority to close any airport in the world in the event of complaints in the Aviation Safety Administration, especially after being aware of the resignation of members.

It is possible, as a result of these events, that Kuwaiti aviation will be affected and become threatened with closure again.