cost of returning domestic workers
cost of returning domestic workers

Sources said that the government is exerting its utmost efforts to relieve Kuwaiti families and not overburden them with the cost of returning domestic workers that one of the possible solutions is to divide the cost of return in two installments, so that the sponsor pays the price of the travel ticket first after opening the platform and registering the data of the domestic worker who requests his return, and pays the rest of the cost when Ensure that the worker reaches the country.


The sources clarified that any emergency may occur and the arrival of the worker may be delayed or what impedes his arrival. It is more efficient for the sponsor to pay the second installment of the cost upon his arrival, and it includes the cost of accommodation in the housing designated for institutional quarantine in addition to the cost of feeding and transportation.

The sources indicated that the government, in order to reduce the cost, will open the way to more than one qualified establishment and company, and the matter will not be limited to one company, calling on everyone to be reassured that prices will be within the reach of Kuwaiti families.

Regarding the request to reduce the home quarantine to a week similar to the workers in the Ministry of Health, the sources answered: The quarantine of domestic workers for a period of two weeks is a mandatory decision approved by the Council of Ministers, as for reducing it to workers in the Ministry of Health to a week due to that they are under daily medical observation and this is not available for domestic workers, and their quarantine Two weeks aims to protect Kuwaiti families because the two-week period is capable of showing symptoms for those who carry the virus.

In response to a question, if cases appear after two weeks, who will bear the cost of treatment? The sources replied: The citizen will not bear the cost of treatment, and treatment will be provided in government hospitals.