Dispense expatriates
Dispense expatriates

In recent times, expatriates have become accustomed to attacking members of parliament and parliament, as MP Safaa Al-Hashem demanded the end of services for all expatriates and their deportation to their country, as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging in Kuwait.


As a result of these decisions, many citizens and residents were affected, many employees were terminated, and ministries began to take decisions to implement replacement policy and end the services of expatriates.

And logical solutions are reached to reduce the number of expatriates and at the same time they do not affect the labor market and implement projects, but there are numbers that can be dispensed immediately as violators of residence and bulk employment and those whose government contracts have ended and work in non-technical jobs.

The economist, Mohamed Ramadan, said that the high rate of unemployment among expatriates, and dispensing with them, may negatively affect the Kuwaiti economy, and stressed the need to reconsider the gradual stages of the return to economic life.

The sources indicated that the expected and logical plan is to repatriate about 800,000 expatriates, and that no community will be allowed to exceed 25 percent of the number of expatriates.