law to stop rents 6 months
law to stop rents 6 months

In light of the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid 19) and the adoption of strict measures by governments and countries to limit the spread of the virus, as the UAE has suspended schools and governments.

And many private sector companies have laid off employees, reduced salaries, or imposed early leave with no salary for employees, so that they can return to their country and return again when the situation improves globally, and this is why people were affected by economic conditions and a lot of people are paying rents.

Where MP Ahmed Al-Fadl saw that the proposal of a law that was submitted by him and a number of deputies, regarding the treatment of the conditions of the contractors for the use of lease contracts during the emergency circumstances, gained importance due to the problems that emerged after the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, expecting to discuss the proposal today in the Parliamentary Legislative Committee meeting.
Al-Fadl said:

He preferred that the proposal be comprehensive and not related to the “Corona” pandemic, so he knew about emergency conditions, such as natural disasters, epidemics, general economic crises or wars, with which the Council of Ministers takes measures that cause the disruption of the use of commercial or industrial activity or any of the economic investment activities Professional or any facilities affected by these decisions. "

He stressed that "the proposal requires that the rent not be calculated for six months from the occurrence of the impact resulting from the emergency conditions, and the fare is reduced according to this law by 60 percent for the next six months." Noting that the lessor may not obligate the tenant to evacuate after the occurrence of the emergency conditions and throughout The duration of the year prescribed for exemption and reduced wages, as well as if the effect continued according to decisions issued by the Council of Ministers for a longer period that prevents the use of the rented eye, and in the event that the wage was paid in advance or the investor committed to pay it during the emergency conditions, he is compensated by a similar period without the benefit to pay for it .

Al-Fadl and Representatives Safaa Al-Hashem, Khalaf Dumither, Khalid Al-Shatti, and Nasser Al-Dossary have submitted a proposal by law regarding the treatment of the conditions of contractors who use lease contracts during emergency circumstances.