lift the 34 state ban
lift the 34 state ban

Informed sources confirmed that the Supreme Committee in charge of following up the repercussions of the Corona virus is awaiting the recommendation of the Kuwaiti health authorities regarding the proposals submitted to deal with the developments of the epidemic, especially the recent proposal announced by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kuwait Airways, Captain Ali Al-Dukhan, which provides for allowing direct flights for travelers and subjugating them.



For examinations and quarantine in Kuwait, instead of spending a quarantine period in a transit station before arrival.
The sources indicated that “all the proposals received by the health authorities are subject to study and evaluation from various aspects before expressing an opinion on them, especially that the health situation is the basis for decision-making, in order to preserve the health of citizens and residents and ensure the efficiency of the health system in dealing with any developments.” "The health authorities have concerns regarding the follow-up of the returnee quarantine."
In a clear indication of the negative effects that the closure of the airport and the ban on direct flights from 34 countries around the world have left on all sectors, Al-Dukhan emphasized that «Kuwait Airways and the commercial air transport sector are currently going through emergency conditions that left a great impact on this sector.
While Al-Dukhan confirmed the commitment to the instructions of the Council of Ministers and the health authorities, yesterday he inspected the T4 terminal to check on the preparations in case the proposal submitted by Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways was approved, indicating that it includes that «the airline conducts checks for passengers arriving on its flights in the building designated for it. Including the PCR test, passengers are allowed to reach Kuwait from the first point of travel directly without the need to wait for a quarantine period in a transit station, as the quarantine period will be in Kuwait with the required re-examination before the end of the quarantine period.
He stressed that this measure - if approved by the health authorities and civil aviation - "if applied, will contribute to operating flights on a 24-hour basis, in addition to increasing the expected economic return on the company and other concerned government sectors."