issuance of licenses and municipal declarations
issuance of licenses and municipal declarations

The Minister of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning, His Excellency Eng. Issam bin Abdullah Khalaf, revealed that the issuance of licenses and municipal declarations electronically on the first of November 2020 AD using the electronic number scanning technology “QR Code” to ensure the verification and verification of the integrity of the statement or the license issued electronically through this technology. ...


Khalaf affirmed that with this service, customers will be allowed to issue the statement or license electronically through the ministry’s website without the need for personal attendance, and to enable the customer to pay the fees for this electronically through the electronic payment channels currently available through the national payments portal or via “Sadad”. In order for the license or statement to be issued and received electronically, which will facilitate procedures for the target group of this service, as well as contribute to reducing operating expenses.

Khalaf said, "Out of our keenness to develop municipal services, the ministry has developed a plan and formed a specialized technical team from the Ministry's Information Systems Department to convert municipal services into electronic services, and within this plan, the team applied the electronic number scanning technology in two stages, the first at the end of a month. August of this year, which included the services of a proof of residence certificate and an address addition, amendment and deletion form.

He continued, the second phase was implemented in mid-September 2020, which includes building permit services for applications that are less than 50 square meters, excavation permit, road works license, engineering drawings amendment license and building completion permit.

He emphasized that, "Municipalities Affairs has begun the process of digital transformation at the end of the year 2018 AD by re-engineering procedures for many municipal services and changing the methods of providing services provided by the Capital Municipality and municipalities as well as other sectors of the Ministry to all citizens, residents and investors in the Kingdom of Bahrain through the available virtual service center." On the website of the ministry.