2016 plane crash
2016 plane crash

An investigation into the 2016 Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane crash that killed all 47 on board revealed that the plane had three "technical anomalies" for which airline engineers were responsible. ...


Considered one of the most disastrous flights in Pakistan's aviation history, Pakistan International Airlines plane PK-661 crashed near Havelian, about 24 nautical miles north of Benazir Bhutto Islamabad International Airport on December 7, 2016, Dawn News reported.

The head of the Air Dean of the Arab African Bank, Othman Ghani, submitted the report Thursday to the Sindh High Court.

According to the investigation report, the collision was the result of three "underlying technical factors", including the breaking of one of the engine 1's power turbine blades; Broken / Broken Pin inside the Overspeed Ruler; And possible contamination pre-existing inside the fan valve unit.

The report of the Arab African International Bank, which blamed the engineers of Pakistan Airlines, said that the plane remained in the air for 42 minutes before its crash.

Analysis of the digital flight data recorder indicated that the aircraft engine 1 had deteriorated.

A spokesman for Pakistan International Airlines, Abdullah Hafeez Khan, said that management had reviewed the accident report and acknowledged that there were three underlying factors that coalesced together at the time of the accident.

He added that if any of these factors had occurred in isolation, the consequences would not be dire.