The Interior Ministry warns 130 thousand expatriates
The Interior Ministry warns 130 thousand expatriates

The source indicated that this period is the last before the Ministry of Interior agencies implement a series of security campaigns and take a set of measures to pursue these violators and deport them with their names being listed on the lists of those not authorized to enter, expressing his hope that the violators will either change their status or leave. So that they can come back to the country.


The source pointed out that the residency departments in the six governorates of Kuwait have received instructions from the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Residency Affairs, Major General Anwar Al-Barjas, to start on Tuesday receiving violators of residency who express a desire to pay the due fines and amend their legal status.

In response to a question regarding those who submitted a visit card and their visits were extended until tomorrow, Monday, November 30, the source said: Regarding these, they must leave before twelve o'clock in the evening tomorrow, Monday, and in the event that they leave after this date, they will be obligated to pay a violation of Two dinars per day.

The source stressed that there is no intention of any extension of the visitors after the end of tomorrow, Monday, pointing out that the ministerial decision, which was issued to extend the visits of these people automatically and more than once, came due to the conditions that the world went through, the spread of the Corona pandemic, and the closure of many countries of their airspace.

He continued by saying: They had more than 7 months to leave and there is no justification for their continuation, and if they do not leave at the end of the day, they will not be allowed to enter, and measures will be taken against their sponsors, including granting them new visas.

The source indicated that visitors who benefited from Resolution No. 444/2020 and their visits were extended could have modified their status in the previous period according to the procedures or obtained approval to convert their visits to legal residence.