initiative for students
initiative for students

Dr. Mohamed Mubarak Jumaa, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Resources and Services, said that the first school day statistics extracted from the data system through the Microsoft 365 group recorded the participation of about 96% of public school students in entering the virtual classroom system.


The Undersecretary of the Ministry stated that the number of entries into the system on the first day of school by high school students amounted to more than 100 thousand entry processes, with an average of more than 33 thousand entry processes for each academic level, where the commercial culture course (Thaqaf 101) recorded the highest rate of interaction from The students were accepted through the virtual system, as the number of interactive posts reached about 16,000, followed by the English language course (ENG 201) with about 9,000 participants, with a relative preference for girls over boys in the number of interactive posts.

As for the entry processes for third-grade middle school students, they amounted to about 30,000 entries, and the English language material received the largest share in the number of times that third-grade middle school students interacted through answering or participating, as students ’participation in the English language subject reached 9,000, of which girls had 5 thousand posts, compared to 4 thousand participation for boys, followed by mathematics, with about 4 thousand posts.

Dr. Mohamed Mubarak indicated that what can be understood from these numbers and statistics is that most students have been keen to enter the virtual system, and that the culture of using virtual classrooms has become prevalent, and most students have mastered it, affirming at the same time that many challenges have been successfully dealt with. The technology that was registered over the past two days, whether at the school or student level, stressing that a technical emergency is always expected with the start of the school year, as well as that the use of digital systems will always mean the need to address the technical aspects.

 In a question about the possibility of providing support for students who may not have adequate equipment for educational use, the Undersecretary said that the initiative "Fina Khair" launched by His Highness Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the representative of His Majesty the King for Humanitarian Works and Youth Affairs, National Security Adviser and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Royal Business Foundation Humanity has set its sights on supporting students from insolvent families, as His Highness ordered the allocation of two and a half million Bahraini dinars to provide 10 thousand laptop computers to be distributed to students from insolvent families according to precise and specific criteria supervised by specialized committees and to ensure that the support reaches those who deserve it.