imposing flight restrictions
imposing flight restrictions

With the COVID-19 'tsunami' striking India in its second wave, expats living in the UAE are increasingly worried about their loved ones.


According to statistics revealed on Sunday 25 April, there are 243 new infections every minute in India.

 From despair to despair, these expats also feel powerless and don't know how to reach their families - especially elderly parents who are at great risk back home. With the border between the two countries closed - they are all in trouble as to what they must do to be available for their loved ones.

In fact, expats said they depend on outside help from extended families, friends, and young neighbors from their own community.

Nandini Jeju, 31, who hails from Trivandrum, said her mother Ambika, 58, had tested positive a few days ago. Her father, Jaishandran 68, is bedridden and has been in her mother's care for two years. "My nephews between the ages of 10 and 7 are staying with my father. With my mother contracting the virus, the whole family is now in danger. Especially my father is in great danger. His kidneys have failed and one of his legs has been amputated below the knee. He also has no memory."